Travelling to Estonia is easy, you can arrive here by plane, train, car or boat (ferries and cruises).
As a member of European Union and Schengen area, Estonia is easily accessible to anyone looking to travel over from Europe.

Citizens from EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia do not need a visa to enter the country and you also do not need one,
if you are travelling with a Schengen visa. Check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if you are in any doubt.
It is always up to date with visa information and gives details of Estonian embassies abroad where they can be obtained.

Estonia’s capital Tallinn is the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe.
Estonia is almost 50% forest and the country has over 2000 islands.
You can enjoy quality cuisine, beautiful wildlife, wonderful music and arts, but also top of the class motorsport facilities in Estonia.

General Information  

Estonian currency: Euro
Time zone: GMT +2 in winter and GMT +3 in summer.
Country dialling code: +372
Emergency number: 112
Plug socket: type F, with voltage of 230V and frequency of 50Hz.
Speed limits: in the countryside it is 90 km/h and 50 km/h in urban areas unless specified otherwise.