Both Sahkar Racing riders on the podium at the opening race in Belgium

During last week in Moerbeke-Waas track the  first  Belgium  championship race was held, where Sahkar Racing team also attended,besides Estonia the team´s second home  is situated precisely in this famous motocross country.

Both team riders, last year junior champion  Jago Geerts and Hardi Roosiorg are competetors this season and are competing on KTM bikes in the Belgian championship MX 2 class.

On photo: Hardi Roosiorg Foto author: Gino Maes

The qualification in Moerbeke-Waas went good for both riders, Roosiorg got second and Geerts got third lap time. In the first race Geerts took a confident win, he was ahead of Jere Haavisto by half a minute who was the fastest in time practice. Roosiorg did a moddest start and managed to get  fourth place. In the second race Geerts was again the best and he´s lead was 5.5 seconds over he´s team mate, third was Haavisto, the fin was in turn 7 seconds behind Roosiorg.

“After two races the overall winner was Geerts who collected 50points, Haavisto (42 p) was second and Roosiorg (40 p) third.
I´m pleased with the qualifying , as I managed to get second time, although I could have gotten a better time, but I didnt want to over do it. The first start was bad for me I had to struggle to get in front again, since passing someone on this track is quite difficult then saddly fourth place was the best I could do. The second start went much better I was straightway second, but I made some mistakes and Jago and Jere passed me. I had to push again and managed to pass Haavisto, but could´nt catch Jago. “Thank´s” to the first race results I was saddly third on the podium, but this is still a good result. I made quite a mistake, when going in to the race with new clothing and boots what were a bit stiff, thank´s to it I didnt have the maximum confidence I could have, ” say´d Roosiorg who turned 18 today.

On photo: Jago Geerts Foto author: Gino Maes

“Third place on time pratice wasnt bad at all and gave me a good starting position.
In the opening race I straight away got in to the lead and were available to hold a good pace and win the race with confidence. In the second race I was again first off the line, but then made a mistake and fell fourth. Luckely I managed to get back in to the lead and then I only had to finish the race without mistakes. Two wins from two races and I´m the leader in the championship therefore I can be quite happy,” say´ the overjoyd belgian.

The next race for Sahkar Racing is on the upcomming weekend in Axelis, where the Netherlands championship´s last qualification race is being held.


Hardi Roosiorg starts the season with a win in the Netherlands

The Netherlands championship qualification was held in Heerde on saturday, were Sahkar Racing team kicked off its season, the best 30 riders got in to the finals. Just like last year Jago Geerts and Hardi Roosiorg are racing under Sahkar Racing team. When in last year these riders competed in different classes, then in this year they are riding in the same MX2 class in Netherland race series.

On the photo Hardi Roosiorg Foto author: RSM-Photographie

In Heerdes 50 riders were after the points, what meant that in time practice it was difficult to set a good time thanks to heavy traffic. Dispite that Geerts and Roosiorg show´d 5th and 8th time .

In the opening race Roosiorg got a good start and climed up to sixt position, while things didnt go according to plan for Geerts. He had to start the race from the rear and struggle to get in front again. Roosiorg quickly climed to the first position and managed to extend hes lead throughout the race while in the end winning it with 11 seconds in front of Rene de Jong. Geers also show´d good pace and finished fifth.

In the second race right away Roosiorg and Geerts battled for first place, but the belgian fell and dropped out from first place battle. Roosiorg only had to avoid mistakes, what he managed to do and finishing the race half a minute ahead of Lars van Berkel. Geerts was 3 seconds behind from second place and finished in 3th place.

The overall race winner was Roosiorg (100 points), second was van Berkel(80 points) who was sixt in opening race and third Geerts (77 points ).

“The qualification didn’t go as well, because there was 50 riders on the track and getting a fast lap was really difficult in these conditions. The start of race 1 was pretty good I got away fifth and
managed to get second place after the first lap and leading after the second one. The track conditions really suited me well and in the first 10minutes I managed to make a big gap and holding it to the very end. Second race start was even better I got away second right behind Jago. In the opening lap I managed to pass him, after that we had a fears battle, but saddly Jago fell and was left well back. As Lars was far from me I only had to concentrate and finish the race. So in the end I can be quite happy with the seasons first big race, because the competition wasnt weak and there were lots of contestants,” Roosiorg summarized hes victorious performance. Were he is participated in MX2 class, on this years European championship EMX250 class, but in the local title races hes class is MX2

“Dispite the overcrowded qualification I managed to get a decent fifth place. In the opening race I was 8ight off the line, but on the second lap I fell and lost many positions. I got up to fifth place, but the bike had some suspension problems so 5th was the best I could do this time. In the second race I was first off the line, but I made a small mistake and ride long with Hardi. Then I fell and had to settle with 3th place. The pace was pretty good overall, but we need to work on the bikes suspension so that it better suits my riding style, “say´d Geerts, who also is competing in big title races in EMX250 class.

Team leader Lauri Roosiorg was also pleased about hes riders performances: “To start the season with these kinds of results is very positive and gives us confidence that the preparations we have done were well worth it. Especially for Hardi who had an operation during winter and also he got a new trainer. Luckely he recoverd well from the operation and the teamwork with the new instructor, World Championship rider Arminas Jasikonises father is going very productively. Jago´s speed is very good, similar to last year pace and the season is promising to be quite interesting, since both our riders are competing in the same classes. Big thanks to the riders, mechanics, trainers and fans!”

The Next race for Sahkar Racing team is on the upcoming weekend in MoerbekeWaas track, were the Belgian championships first race is being held.

On the foto Hardi Roosiorg. Foto author: RSM-Photographie