Sahkar Racing riders hunted for points in the Netherlands World Championship

In the past weekend near the border of  Belgium- Netherlands the world championship and European championship was held on the famous Valkenswaard motocross track. Where Sahkar Racing young riders Hardi Roosiorg and belgium Jago Geerts attended.

At first the youngman were originally to attend in EMX250class, but then Hardi Roosiorg got the rights to attend on the MX2 class just like in Italy´s World Championship race. Both races in Italy and in  Netherlands were difficult for Roosiorg and he didnt manage to get points. In free practice Roosiorg (KTM) got 32th time, on time practice the youngman got a better time 29th. At the begining of the qualification he fell and crossed the line 36th.

On the begining of todays first race Roosiorg fell and had to retire.  Even in the second race he had trouble, but managed to finish in 26th place.

“Yesterdays free and timed practice and also qualification didnt go that well for me. The start wasnt the best, on the first lap I managed to fall thanks to a another rider. Getting a good place in 20minutes was very tough. Today I felt better and were 27th on the morning warmup. In race one I pushed a bit to much and fell hard from 26th place and had to retire from the race. In race two I fell as well on the first lap thanks to a fellow rider and on top of that some even drove over me. Luckily I managed to continue the race and was climing forward, I managet to finish on 26th place. To summarize nothing didnt go that good for me during this weekend, but I need to push along and show a good result on the upcomming weekend in Lange,” talked the bruised up Roosiorg after he´s exhausting weekend.

‘In EMX250 Jago Geerts had a very good competition start and he was the fastest in qualification. Saddly the luck turned on him and in the first final, before the sighting lap he´s bike refused to start and therefore he had to watch the race from the track side. For today the bike was fixed and Geerts fought the entire race with the fin Miro Sihvomen who won yesterdays race. When in the beginning the belgian was leading then in the end the fin managed to beat him. Overall after two races Geerts got 7th place from todays points. The top three were Sihvonen, the dutch Nick Kouwenberg and the italian Morgan Lesiardo.

Jago Geerts: “ In time practice I felt very good and got the best time, what in my case is a pretty rare occurrence. In first race the competition ended in the waiting area were my bike didnt want to start, in race two I got a very good start and was leading. Saddly my arms got tired after 20minutes and I had to reduce my pace and thanks to this Miro got pass me. Given all of what happened, I am very happy about second place and are waiting for the next race, because my speed is good at the moment. ”

Sahkar Racing rider Roosiorg is attending on the upcoming weekend in Lange were the Estonian and Latvian championship is being held.

Sahkar Racing rider sixt in the Netherlands championship´s opening race

Fotol: Jago Geerts Foto autor: Henk van de Haar

The first race of Dutch Masters was held in Oss motocross track, where many world championship riders were  competing. That makes this series one of the most competitive title race  of the world. Also at the start in Oss were  the Estonian motocross team Sahkar Racing riders belgian Jago Geerts and Hardi Roosiorg.  They previously competed succesfully in qualification races.

In MX2 class KTM riders Geerts and Roosiorg got seventh and eight lap time were forty riders were competing overall. Geerts made a good start in the opening race and was in top ten immediately, finishing at sixt position. By contrast not all did go well for Roosiorg,  he was 32th. Geerts made a  good second start in the second race and raced himself fifth overall along side with the world championship riders. Roosiorg did better in the second race were he was 19th and got hes points.
Overall by two races Geerts (31 points) got sixt position, and Roosiorg was 24th with (3 points) The top three were the dutch Brian Bogers (44 p) the swish Jeremy Seewer (43 p) and the southern- african rider Calvin Vlaaderen (40 p).

“In practice and qualification I had a good feeling and got a relatively good time. The first race start was good and I got off the line seventh. During the race I even managed to pass one competing rider. I had even better start in race 2,  were I was second and after the race I finished fifth overall the world championship riders. I got my confirmation that we are moving in the right direction and we are working hard,” Geerts summarized hes race.

After last week´s crash I was lucky that I could start training immediately, to prepare for todays race. The only thing that went well was today´s  qualification.  I had a good feeling there and even managed to get a pretty good laptime. The start of race 1 was a failure for me and I made many mistakes in the first three laps. On the fourth lap I fell pretty hard while going down the hill injuring my shoulder,  after that I only had to struggle to the end. The start off race 2 failed also and on the first lap my goggles broke what made the visibility very bad for me, so I only managed to get 19th place. From now on we are starting to train on hard packed tracks, to get a good peace and ready up for the race in Italy, what is being held in the middle of Aprill,” spoke Roosiorg.

The next race for Sahkar Racing team is on the upcomming weekend on the famous Lommel track where the Belgian championship opening race is being held.